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Has anyone completed a Stock Migration from EWM DC to EWM DC?

Feb 09, 2017 at 12:53 PM


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I have successfully completed several EWM cut-overs by doing a stock migration from LE-WM and ERP-WM to EWM using the Migration of Stock tool in EWM (/SCWM/MIG_STOCK).

We are now busy with an EWM DC split where half of an existing EWM DC catalog will be created as a new EWM DC site. The other half has moved location already so the stock in the existing EWM DC (in specific SType and Bins) must be uploaded to the new EWM DC. The bins will remain the same.

The Migration of Stock tool however does not do a stock file extraction from EWM DC, only ERP-WM or LE-WM. Is there a way of getting this tool to create the file from an EWM source DC? If not, I will have to create the upload file manually.

Thanks in advance.

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Juergen Pitz
Feb 23, 2017 at 10:35 AM


interesting problem... I guess, there is no easy way to get the migration tool to create a file out of EWM. But I would suppose with the Warehouse Management Monitor you would at least be able to get the initial list created and exported as an spreadsheet file, where relatively little tweaking would be required afterwards.



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Hi Juergen,

Thanks for the response. That's exactly what we did. We used the Warehouse Monitor reports to display the stock and HU data we needed in a suitable format and saved the variant. We then exported it and did some final formatting required for our Stock Migration file. The stock upload into our new EWM DC was successful.