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Using Certificate setup on 08 inspection lot for UB STO

hi All.

We are trying to get certificates working between two different plants that are on same company code. The parts are setup with QM Proc Active, Have cert configured control key and certificate type configured. If i receive using NB inter company the 01 type inspection lot gets CTCM status and cert receipt changes status to CROK.

However for part with same setup but configured for 08 inspection type (usage 9) received on UB stock transfer order the inspection lot gets created but it does not pick up the certificate status of CTCM or CROK when cert receipt is done.

Anybody out there doing this already? Through configuration or enhancement....

Any ideas or more questions on this?

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1 Answer

  • Aug 30, 2016 at 01:21 PM

    The COA functionality is designed by SAP to work via purchase orders and not stock transport orders.  You can talk to your procurement people as I believe there is a way to have a stock transport order done in such a way that it looks like a PO upon receipt and an 01 inspection lot gets created instead of an 08.

    The more basic issue I have to ask is why, why, why are they even doing this?????

    You are basically sending test results from one plant in SAP to another plant in SAP.  Yet all the test resutls and everything that is on the COA should be viewable in SAP for review by both plants. Why generate wasted paper?

    SAP only envisioned that you'd get COA's from external vendors.  Why would you require a cert from an internal plant to an internal plant?  It seems a total waste of time and a very inefficient process.

    I have had this discussion on several projects, including global projects, and it was usually a case where plants had this process in place becasue they were not all on the same systems.  Once they got on the same system, they realized there really was no need to continue this process anymore. It was a matter of them getting comfortable with the idea and understanding that there is no real value added by sending internal COA's.  There were a few countries world-wide when there was an exception to this, but it was rare and was due to paperwork required for shipping/importing, not a quality control issue.


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    • Yes, as I understand it is possible, but it might be only across different company codes.  I spoke with a mutual firend of ours and went over as much as I could.  I think a procurement specialist should be able to answer that.  I'm interested in hearing how it gets resolved.  I hope you can keep us updated.