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Aug 29, 2016 at 05:12 PM

Cannot open a SAP attachment...


We are having an issue with our attachment folder where a user will try and open and attachment and receive an error mgs, “Cannot open file: attachment has been changed or deleted [Message 40003-5]. Mostly outlook mgs attachments. This happens sporadically, but enough times a day, to multiple users that it slows down order taking. The user will restart there workstation and be ok for a while. If the user goes to the attachment folder and locates the file (there are a lot of files in this folder, 600,000+), they have no problem opening it.

Now for a little info. We recently virtualized our servers prior to updating from 8.82 to 9.00. The attachment folder has been relocated to a separate virtual server and the SAP pointers / links update via DTW.

We’ve checked the security for everyone and also mapped the drive to the same folder on all workstation. As I said before, no one has an issue opening the file outside of SAP.

Any help would be greatly appreciated