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Aug 29, 2016 at 06:42 AM

MRP type is pick up wrongly in Ck11n



We are having the one FG component is a external procurement.F/30. IF i have ran the cost estimation without recipe, with out PV's and without mixed ratio. System was able to pick up cost estimation qty structure tab is F/30 in special procurement data.subcontracting values was pick up as a "L"

If i have maintained the resource,PV's & mixed ratio's was maintained in the system it was pick up "E" in the cost estimation, if MM as a F/30.

Even subcontracting cost was not able to pick up. Why the system is behaving like this. Any one having idea for this


Ck11n.png (58.7 kB)
Ck11n.png (71.0 kB)