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Mar 14, 2006 at 07:34 PM

Uploading data from excel file to a dynamically created internal table



I have a requirement where i have to upload data from an excel file into a database table. I would be able to determine the structure of the table only at runtime based on the user input.. so i have created an internal table dynamically.

Could you please tell me if its possible to upload data from an excel file to the dynamically created internal table using any function modules?

I thought of doing this by declaring a generic internal table of one field and then uploading the *.csv file into it and then splitting it based on "," and then assigning it to the field symbol referencing the internal table.. but my file length exceeds 132 characters and i'm only able to get data of lenght 132 char's in my internal table ( generic one).

Could anyone please show me a way around this.

Thanks in advance,