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Aug 26, 2016 at 05:27 PM

Issue in placing entire shop order on hold



I have a requirement wherein I want to place entire shop order on hold. Thus every SFC created for that shop order should be on hold too and should not be worked upon.

To achieve this:

  • I selected one of the SFCs of the shop order,
  • Went to SFC Hold Plugin
  • Retrieved the SFC
  • Checked Hold Shop Order checkbox
  • Selected Reason Code
  • Enter comments
  • Click on Hold

So now if i try to Log an NC or try to complete this SFC, it gives me a warning that SFC on Hold

But if I go to some different SFC of the same shop order and tries to log NC / Complete the operation, it still allows me to do so.

So what's the point of placing entire shop order on hold when I can work with its SFCs?

Is it by design? Is it a bug?