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Aug 26, 2016 at 09:06 AM

Pls help in Modelling



I want to build some Dashboards using the data that is in my SQL DB.

To achieve this, I copied the data to HANA. Now I am trying to build model (analytic view) using the data.

I have chosen a key, defined attributes and measures. It is throwing error when I try to validate the model.

Error Message: Encountered an error in repository runtime extension;Model inconsistency. Deploy Analytic View:

I tried building a model on simple Employee data with 3 tables.

There also I am facing the same problem.

Please help me with building model.

Another difficulty is while copying huge data(3 Crores of rows) from SQL to HANA.

(This is my first post and I am not sure if I posted in the right place)


ModelError.JPG (144.1 kB)
EmployeeDetails.JPG (157.6 kB)
Employee.JPG (141.2 kB)