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Aug 26, 2016 at 07:57 AM

Cannot complete Sales docs using V_MACO


Dear Experts,

My problem is related to the following Forums -

We have some Sales Docs. such as Inquiries & Quotations which were fully referenced to create Sales Orders but their status were still "Being processed". Seems using transaction V_MACO can change their status to "Completed". However, the status still could NOT be changed even after executed this transaction, i.e.

In the transaction V_MACO, after inputting the selection criteria and click "Execute", linked to the following selection list screen. Then, highlighted the following required Sales Doc. and clicked "Set Status". The following "Status" was then changed from yellow light to green light -

However, the status of our Inquiry still could NOT be changed, still "Being processed" -

Q1) According to the SAP Note 801065, there are 15 steps of Implementation, does it mean that we have to completed these 15 steps of Implementation so as to enable the transaction V_MACO to complete our above required Sales Docs. ?

Q2) Also checked for other SAP Notes 1472007, 207875, 127514, 67742, 88511, 323048 and the following SAP Notes mentioned in step 1 of the above Implementation for SAP Note 801065 (as below) but seems not relevant for our above process. Does it mean that the step 1 can be skipped if it is required to implement the above Q1 for SAP Note 801065 ?


Note that Notes 780126 and 798033/811045 are prerequisite if you want to use transaction V_MACO to complete sales documents relevant for revenue recognition. If the note is implemented as a prerequisite for Note 756005, you do not need to maintain Notes 780126 and 798033 or 811045, which are relevant for revenue recognition. However, it is essential that you implement Note 780993 because this note implements the function group V45_EXTERNAL_UPDATE that is required in step 3 of the implementation instructions.


For your ref., our SAP version is ERP 2005 w/o EHP. The purpose of changing the above status for the completed Sales Docs. is to archieve these Sales Docs. before archieving the relevant Material nos.

For your advice on how to solve our above problem.

Many Thanks,

KH Fong