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Aug 26, 2016 at 12:45 AM

Issue on Access and Write Network Shared folder


Hi All,

We are experiencing issue on the write to network shared folder on PRD02. Here are the details:

We have 2 SAP ECC PRD01 (standard installation) and PRD02 (AAS) and both server joined to DOMAIN A.

both SAP SID is PRD and the folder (and configured as network shared) is located in PRD01 host under F:\usr\sap\share drive.

PRD01 uses PRD01\PRDadm and PRD01\SAPServicePRD to start up SAP

PRD02 uses PRD02\PRDadm and PRD02\SAPServicePRD to start up SAP

Both PRD01 and PRD02 has been configured logon group, hence user is able to login either PRD01 and PRD02 from SAP GUI.

in PRD01 and PRD02 (yes, both system) is able to display and navigate to the share folder (UNC path) via AL11.

When user generate output from SAP to share folder from PRD01 login, they are able to generate the file and save in into the shared folder.

However, when user login in PRD02 they are unable to generate file and save into the shared folder said "Folder not found".

May I seek inputs on how to allow PRD02 to be able to save into shared folder?

I have created domain account which is DomainA\PRDAdmin with admin privileged on both PRD01 and PRD02.

if I start up both SAP system using DomainA\PRDAdmin account, do you think it will solve the issue? and

Do I need to change the startup SAP account to DomainA\PRDAdmin account on both system as well?

Note: on the shared folder level I've granted DomainA\PRDAdmin read+write.

Thank you,