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Aug 25, 2016 at 08:14 PM

Full Settlement WBS to the Final Asset


Hi people,

Could you help me in the follow situation?

We are with a WBS to be settlement "full" to the final Asset in 2016/08, but the system shows us the mesenger:

"Settle de Balance from previous year in previous year first"

In fact we have balance in Controlling Currency in 2014!!

And in local currency is OK with balance = zero

The reason was a moviment where based on the conversion, the system showed a difference in Controlling Currency.

And in 2015/02, the user make the settlement to the AUC.

We would like to confirm:

1) Is it really the settlement WBS is done with the moviment from the period only and not the acumulate?

2) Based on the mesenger, we have to reverse the settlement that was made in 02/2015 to the AUC and after, make the settlement 2014 to the AUC...but in this case we have to open the exercice to make the posting and it is critical in the Company.

3) Do you see some other option to make that without open the exercice? Could we get make the aucmulate settlement?