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Former Member
Aug 25, 2016 at 09:52 AM

How to resolve : "Failed to call SAP BusinessObjects Cloud agent" ?


Hi guys,

I'm having some errors when I'm trying to create a new connection as "Import Date Connection" for SAP Universe.

I already searched some issues to this error and I have find some topic like :

- Using BI Platform Universes in Cloud for Analytics

- SAP BusinessObjects Cloud


but I tried every tips but nothing help me.. ๐Ÿ˜”

I will explain you how I have configured my SAP HANA Cloud Connector and my agent SAP BusinessObjects Cloud.

  • Configuration server TOMCAT & BI (same server for both)

Server's name : KALEE

System : Windows 2012 R2

Version Tomcat : 8.0.21

Tomcat port : 8080

Version BI : 4.2 SP2 Patch 3 update

CMS port : 6400

  • Tool's cloud

- Download JVM 8.1 and extract --> Ok

- Download SAP Cloud Connector --> Ok

- Installation of SAP CC --> Ok (I used the JVM_8.1's directory for the configuration)

- Change Administrator's password --> Ok

- Initial configuration :

- Verification --> Ok

- Download and install "SAP Cloud Agent"

- The agent will automatically deploy

- Create a user for the SAP BusinessObjects Cloud agent

!!!!And server Tomcat has been rebooted.!!!!

- After the reboot, "To test if the installation was successful, open the following URL in your browser: http://[Host]:[Port]/C4A_AGENT/service/api/epm/bw. The following success message should be displayed: 200"

I do not have any message like "200" on my web page but when I'm using "Fiddler" :

Is this bad if I can't see the message on my web page by the link "kalee:8080/C4A_AGENT/service/api/epm/bw" but I can see it with Fiddler ? Is the agent cloud working well ?

- HANA Cloud Connector configuration :

  • Step 1 :

  • Step 2 :

  • Step 3 :

  • Step 4 :

  • Step 5 :

  • Step 6 :

  • Step 7 :

  • Step 8 :

  • Step 9 : (Cloud side)

  • Step 10 : (I used my virtual host as the Cloud Connector)

User name used : admincloud

Password : ****

  • Step 11 : New BI4 Connection

And .....

I don't know how I can resolve this error, I have done a lot try but nothing work. Maybe Former Member, you can help me ?

Do I configure well my new BI4 connection ?

Is my agent working well ?

I have tried:

- Deploying and Undeploying the agent multiple times.

- Stop / start tomcat service multiple times

- Making sure HCC is configured correctly

I tried this one too :

"#3 I have configured both HCC and Tomcat correctly, but now I am receiving an Error that says โ€œMake sure BO Cloud Agent is Deployed correctlyโ€ and wouldnโ€™t let me create a connection, what should I do?

This issue had taken me a while to figure out but the resolution is easy and silly. Make sure that you are creating the connection in the BOC tenant that your HCC account is designated to. For example, if your BOC runs on tenant 005, and you were assigned an HCC account for that tenant, then you cannot use the same HCC account for tenant, say, 008. So, only 1 HCC account (S-User) can be assigned to only 1 tenant. "

Thank you guys !