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Aug 25, 2016 at 04:50 AM

Why DSN with same name is required on Server and local machine to work on universe


Hello All,

I have a BO PROD server where I have created DSNs for different database universe with BO Service user, consider it as BOAdmin (having read rights on PROD Database server).

Now, user wants to import universe on a different server which is having IDT and UDT installed and have all connections establishment with PROD Server.

User has imported universe successfully from PROD Server. Now, I need to explain, why DSN with same name and created by same username is also necessary to create on local machine to test the connection successfully.

(Yes, we can create DSN with other username on local machine and assign this DSN to imported universe onwards, But then it won't be feasible to change every time a new DSN to universe).

I want to establish consistency by creating DSN with same name and created by same user name as created on PROD server.

Please suggest me the way I can convince to user to create same name DSN with same user name, if I am not wrong.

Please Help!