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Aug 24, 2016 at 11:48 AM

LP21 looks at "available Stock", not at "total stock" - this seems wrong! What to do?


Today I discovered with horror, that LP21 doesn't work as I thought I would (and still think it should).

My problem is:

it looks at the available stock on the fixed bin.

it should look at the total stock, in my opinion.



Min: 10

Max: 50

Replenishment: 40

Situation on Fixed bin:

Total Stock: 40

Available Stock: 5

Picking-Stock: 35

-> so physically, there are still 40 PCE on the fixed bin (of which 35 have picking-TOs created and are "soon" to be picked).

-> the total stock reflects the pysical quantity.

As there are 40 PCE on the bin right now physically, another 40 (repl. quantity) will not fit in there.

This is, why I think LP21 shold NOT create a replenishment in that case.

If LP21 where to look at total stock (instead of available stock) this would solve my problem.

(I now do know this is as documented (LP21 I-Button), but I still think it's wrong!)

Can you think of any workaround sollution?

And do you understand why this can be a problem?

(if we could pick before we do replenishment, this would not hurt much, but right now we have replenishment TOs created, that we cannot execute because of physical constraints)