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Aug 24, 2016 at 07:38 AM

Posting error due to missing data maintenance for bank infotype and payresults delete.


Dear Experts,

End user din't maintain infotype 0009 for july 2016 and ran the payroll also posting had done.

For august month, he maintain the 0009 record starts on 01.07.2016 and ran the payroll, the net pay value is RS 59,936 instead of 23,718. and it through error on positing.

So he deleted the payresult for the two issue employees, for the august month.

And for these 2 employees, he did manual posting with the help of FI team, also he exit the payroll for august and release for September month

Now. the issue are

1. For these 2 employees, for July month in the payresults, BT table is not available, because of absence of infotype 0009. and posting had done for the month

2. There is no pay results available for the august month, and posting had skipped.

3. There will be a gap between july and the current month

Even after i change the earli.retro active to the current payroll month(01.08.2016) and apply for deduction wage types.

system is brings double the amount.

Now as the end user had done the mistake, they are asking for, let the salary may run correctly from current month that is more enough and ignore the last two months.

How can i stop the existing 2 months in salary level as well as infotype 0009, to avoid incorrect net pay