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Aug 24, 2016 at 07:03 AM

MUltiple Query-Full Outer Join


Hi All,

In IDT i created below measures:-

1st level :-I have created four measures namely A,B,C and D with Case statements.

2nd level:- Added this measures A and B to create Measures AB

3rd level:-Added measure AB with C to create measure ABC

4th level:-Added measures ABC with measure D to create measure ABCD

Now in WEBI, i have a dimension Country and when i drag measure AB and ABCD it creates a single query.

But when i drag country, ABCD and then measure AB it creates two query at webi level and creates a FULL outer join between them.

I don't have any data yet in DEV system to check whether the data comes correctly in both the cases, but can i find why the behaviour is like this when i drag fourth level aggregated measures at first?

Any help appreciated!!!