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Aug 24, 2016 at 06:57 AM

Return to Vendor using in-transit/POD


Dear SAP experts,

We are in ECC 6 EHP 7, we have a process in business that when we want to return to vendor, the following need to happen:

1. Materials are sent from multiple branches to a collector,

2. Collector then will send the materials to vendor

So what is required by the business to map the above activities is that basically the multiple branches will create a return to vendor document, however when they do good issue, it will go to account in-transit first (from point 1), and later when it is actually sent to vendor, the correct GL account when sending return to vendor will be hit.

We are thinking to use POD feature in outbound delivery, (using mov type 687 and 601), but we got error that the 687 cannot reference a PO (outbound delivery for return to vendor is created referring to PO return).

Is there other way to achieve this requirement?

Best regards,