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Aug 23, 2016 at 05:51 PM

How to print out about 400 already external sent invoices? VF31 not working.


Dear all,

I would need your help.

I have about 400 invoices which where already sent to the customers via "external send" so e-mail. This is ok, but now the customer service needs this invoices also printed, which is very urgent.

To do it manually via VF02, change output medium, save and so on, would be a lot of work!

Is there a possibility at all to do it automatically - so less work?

I found out Transaction VF31 - where I thought it could be possible to print out the already send invoices.

I have choosen following in VF31

Output type: ZXXX

Transmission medium: 1 for Print out

Sort order: 01

Processing mode: 2

But if i would execute the transaction, only invoices are displayed, which where printed out - I also can reprint those ones.

But the customer service wants to print out the ones, which where already sent by mail to the customer...

Thank you very much for your help.