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Aug 23, 2016 at 03:25 PM

Understanding _SYS_REPO user in SAP HANA



I read a SCN note about _SYS_REPO user as follows

And It says that any user who is creating information model should GRANT SELECT privilege to _SYS_REPO user on the schema from which tables are selected in underlying information model. And also that _SYS_REPO user should be able to grant the SELECT on the same schema to other user. And that is where doubt comes in my mind.

Giving SELECT access to _SYS_REPO is understandable but why we need to give SELECT access with GRANT OPTION. When a model is activated it will be owned by _SYS_REPO and _SYS_REPO will have access to schema on which this model is built. But when I go as a different SYSTEM admin user into HANA system and try giving select access to schema on which information model is built as descibed above the Grantor is SYSTEM and no _SYS_REPO then why we need to with GRANT OPTIOn for _SYS_REPO user. The only time when privilege grantor is _SYS_REPO is for schema _SYS_BI and SYS_BIC and when giving analytic privilege.

Anyone can help me understand this topic clearly.