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Aug 23, 2016 at 02:21 PM

Problem accessing content on SAP Support Portal


Hi SCN Support,

please would you share this with your colleagues at SAP Support Portal.

Problem with HTTP Basic Authenication on SAP Support Portal

When I access content in the SAP Support Portal which links to content with urls for the old the HTTP Basic Authentication is not working

Steps to reproduce the problem:

1) Here's an example, logon to SAP Support Portal, go through the authentication mechanism and be logged in with your S User

2) Open this OSS Note (and it's only an example, I have many cases where this happens)

3) When you have the OSS Note open, scroll down a bit and click on the link:

You are familiar with SAP HANA Revisions, SAP HANA Maintenance Revisions and SAP HANA Datacenter Service Points, as described in the SAP HANA Revision Strategy document available from

4) You will then get a new browser tab opening and be redirected into one of the old type of urls you know what I mean with a visible Server Host name

5) You'll then get a HTTP Basis Authentication popup window

6) Try to enter your SAP Support Portal S User credentials into the HTTP Basis Authentication popup

7) For me, in both Chrome and IE, the HTTP Basis Authentication popup does not accept my S User credentials which work for the new SAP Support Portal

Please follow the steps and confirm if this is a general problem or just something I am doing wrong.

It is an inconvenience because there is a huge amount of content still using the old Hostname based urls and I cannot open any of that content

Looking forward to feedback.

Best regards,

Andy Silvey.