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Aug 23, 2016 at 01:48 PM

WebGUI issue: HTTP 400. dev_icm referencing an old server (system copy)


Hi all

I'm trying to set up WebGUI for a new system (system copy via export/import) and I've followed all the usual steps i.e.

set profile parameters:

icm/server_port_0 PROT=HTTP,PORT=8000

icm/host_name_full <Full Qualified Domain Name>

Transaction SICF, services started:




Transaction SE80 locate from the menu, Utilities --> Settings-->Internet Transaction Server (Tab)-->Publish

(Tab) and set โ€œOn Selected Siteโ€ = INTERNAL.

This restricts the publication in the next step to the integrated (internal) ITS.

In SE80 only, Locate the Internet Services: SYSTEM and WEBGUI.

Publish these services with the Context Menu -> Publish -> Complete Service

Also ran SIAC_PUBLISH_ALL_INT to republish anything else required.

Browsing to http://<server>:<icmport>/sap/bc/gui/sap/its/webgui/ presents the login page - all good so far.

However, when I log in, I get a "Service cannot be reached" error, "HTTP 400 - Session not found".

This is a 701 system (so note 1301591 doesn't apply - SICF_SESSIONS transaction doesn't exist)

I've just checked dev_icm trace file and see the following error:

*** WARNING => Connection request from (7/8/0) to host: <>, service: 5720 failed


Note that <> is NOT my server name, but I think the name of the original system (remember this is a system copy).

I've searched through the profile parameters, and also checked table HTTPURLLOC, but I can not see any references to this old server name.

Where could this be defined/how do I remove it/update with the correct server name?