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Aug 23, 2016 at 11:18 AM

Calculate needed space in case you need to backup to disk



I have the following practical question regarding Hana Log Backups.

Normally the Log Backups are set to: Automatic send to an external location using backint integration.

But if the external location is unavailable (defect or maintenance) we need to switch to file backup for Log Backups.

The question now is the following:

Given is that the external backup location is unavailable for 48 hours.

Hana is up and running.

I want to calculate how many MB it has written to Log Backup the last 48 hours.

With this info I can make a calculation (not 100% but ok for me) how big the filesystem should be where I can send the File Log Backups to.

Who has any tips on how to attack this question ??

Credits for the good tip/hint

Kind regards,

Frans Trip