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Former Member
Aug 22, 2016 at 08:47 PM

Upgrading from 9.0 PL14 to 9.2 PL03 _FU_P (TmSp_ZZZ_CreateBWU) Error


Hi, I'm trying to upgrade a to 9.2 PL03 and am get a consistent error that I've yet to find a solution for was was wondering if you guys had any advice.

Upgrading from 9.0 PL14 to 9.2 PL03

while upgrading the DB, I error out while updating "_FU_P " with a log error of "CProcedureDepends sp (TmSp_ZZZ_CreateBWU) execution failed, error: -1"


"UpgStep-CreateSP 1 ...Failed, error code: -1

Looking at the DB, I don't see any stored procedures named TmSp_ZZZ_CreateBWU ..

Has anyone encountered this error? Anyone have any guidance in the matter?

Thanks in advance.