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Former Member
Mar 14, 2006 at 09:34 AM

Issue in Inter Company postings


Hi All,

Currently I face an issue with inter-company posting transaction. Let me explain the issue.

Using ‘FB01’ we can create inter-company postings by giving G/l and New Company code fields in the first screen. Let us say there are two company codes 0020,0040.

Giving these company codes and their corresponding G/ls in ‘FB01’ system creates 2 documents, one in each company code i.e, one document in 0020 and another document 0040. There will also be a link in the field ‘Cross-CC no’ which says this is an inter-company transaction.

Following are my questions.

1.Can I create the ‘INTER-COMPANY’ Postings using ‘BAPI_ACC_DOCUMENT_POST’ ? We can create accounting documents in both company codes 0020,0040 using this BAPI. But these two are becoming independent entries in each company code without any link ( Like the above case ‘Cross_CC no’) between them.

2.My another requirement is that I have to give an error message to user inside a user-exit while validating data. If I give message type ‘E’ inside the user-exit it is giving the message but the normal flow is halted. It is going out with a blank screen with error message and the transaction is not going further. Is it possible to give error messages inside a user-exit without obstructing the normal flow of any transaction? The transaction can also be executed in Background.

Thanks for your help.