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Former Member
Aug 22, 2016 at 02:56 PM

"ERROR" value with hierarchies from HANA



I'm trying to build a Crosstable with a Datasource that comes from a Calculation View from HANA but I have a problem when I try to show calculated columns with hierarchies.

This is an example:

If you see the image, you will see that I have an active Hierarchy called ID_CUENTA_A and two measures:

- IND_AA: which is a RAW measure and it shows values without problems

- VAR_REAL_AA_ACUM: which is a calculated column that calculates the difference in percentage from Actual year from Last Year (Actual-Last/Last). But the crosstab shows an ERROR value.

I've been searching the problem and I couldn't find any explanation. Could it be that Design Studio cannot cope with calculations with hierarchies? I couldn't find any SAP Note neither.

Thank you very much