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Aug 22, 2016 at 01:58 PM

How events are fired in IPad offline mode?


Hello there.

I'm trying to create a custom pricing for sales quote that must work in IPad offline mode. My idea is basically the following.

1) Add an extension field to Material.xbo named "Multiplier" (it will be used to change the product price).

2) In CustomerQuote > Item node > Aftermodify, I could add a code that do "StandardPrice = StandardPrice * Material.Multiplier".

It works in online mode, so now my only concern is to maintain the "Multiplier" field.

According to the documentation, my extension field "Multiplier" will be available in offline mode. But what about my absl code in events?

My questions are:

1) All absl code in events (beforeSave, aftermodify and validations) will fire in offline mode?

2) These events will fire only when I switch to online and do the synchronization or it will fire independently if it's online or offline in the same sequences?

Thanks in advance,