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Different inspection lots are getting created for combination(material,batch and storage location)

Hi All,

Its a bit Urgent. Please see if you can help.

We are procuring one material across our depots ( defined as plants ), we need to skip inspection lots for same BATCH  across the depots.

As per control inspection lot setting in material master system should create only one inspection lot for each material, batch & storage location until the combination change.

But while doing goods receipt system is creating different inspection lots for each combination.

Please tell me if i am missing something..

Or if it is a standard behavior then is there any enhancement through which we can control the creation of inspection lot for the combination?

Please help.



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4 Answers

  • Aug 23, 2016 at 03:49 PM

    I think Arjit and Nitin, while both providing correct info, i think misinterpreted the posting.

    You said your depots are Plants.  Not Storage locations.

    I think what you want is that you make one purchase order as a company but have it delivered to multiple locations.  As a result each depot, (plant) gets an inspection lot.  You only want one inspection lot create in one of your plants.  (not sure how you control which one gets the material first).

    So once the material, vendor batch combination has an 01 inspection in ANY depot/plant, you don't want it created in any of the others.

    If you can control where the first receipt is done and testing is done, this would be easy, simply deactivate the 01 in all the other plants except where you want the lot created.  But that would be too easy.

    I suspect your business simply samples the incoming batch, (or has samples sent in), and sends out the samples for testing to a central lab or outside contract lab.  Then when results are reported back, they get recorded and UD made.  You probably have the situation where one batch might show up at two depots, another batch at only one.  And another batch at all depots.  Probably not a lot of control with that.

    I'd probably guess that until the UD is made, the batch is kept as a restricted batch so it can't be used in any depot (plant). Once the UD is made, the batch is released at all depots(plants).

    Unfortunately, unless you can control on a consistent basis where the first receipt is done, there is no standard functionality for this.

    You'd need to use a user exit to suppress the creation of a lot.  There are several threads on suppressing inspection lots in SCN via a user exit.

    You'd have to suppress this based on the vendor batch number. If the vendor batch number already has an inspection lot created for it, then suppress the lot.


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    • You can try using the below exit -

      QPL10001  QM: Inspection lot creation - editing work area on creation

      You will have to create a FRS which says that for a control record (PurOrd+Item+Batch) combination, if there is one inspection lot already created, then it should bypass the process for creating a new inspection lot, overwriting the inspection type assignment for the material master in new plant, where a GR is trying to be posted.

      But beware, this is not the best practice, and you are trying to avoid QM controls. You may need business signoff on such a process before you do a prototype of this business case in development/Sandbox system.

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    Former Member
    Aug 23, 2016 at 02:20 AM

    Dear blessed girl,

    just you can deactivate the tick mark from the inspection type active, don't remove inspection type. it will be a good solution to you.


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    • Srinivasan,

      How will deactivating the inspection type help? You don't get any inspection lot once you deactivate the inspection type, keeping it deactivated or not keeping it doesn't make any difference.

      Please share if there is any additional info that Im not aware of.

      Arijit has suggested the correct solution to this. Keeping X will control the lot generation on the basis of PO-Material-Batch combination, yes line item wise.

      2 depends on the level of batch numbering defined, I believe. Is it maintained at client level, plant level or material level ? 


  • Aug 23, 2016 at 05:12 AM


    Instead of "2" you can add "X" and move on. That will create only one inspection lot for the said combination, and for the remaining GR's the stock quantity will be added to unrestricted use, for the same batch.



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    • Standard SAP funcationality is for WITHIN a given plant and is not cross plant.

      In your example, batch xxx comes to plant P001 and inspection lot is created, tested, an acceptable UD is made and the stock posted to unrestricted.

      Batch xxx now comes into P002. Yes, becasue this is another plant, another inspection lot will be created.

      The control inspection lot functionality only goes to the plant level.


  • Aug 23, 2016 at 03:35 PM

    You are making a GR (101) into one PLANT and then moving to DEPOTS or making multiple GR for the same material/batch one for each DEPOT?

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