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Former Member
Aug 22, 2016 at 08:42 AM

Special item "P+L result" in Financial Statement Version


Dear SAP expert,

I am new in SAP ERP. Now I am setting for FSV.

I create seperate FSV for BS and PL report.

For the PL report, I create item and assign all PL account to items. And set the "P+L result" as the Net Profit/Loss, because in my opinion, this item will be calculated base on the balance of all P+L account, so this item will be equal to Net Profit/Loss.

But I use T-code S_ALR_87012284 to test the FSV. The "P+L result" show the amount = -1,048,391.95 (this mean we have profit); but the correct figure should be = 1,048,391.95 (possitive amount, mean we have loss).

Please help me explain how the "P+L result" is calcualated; and how I change the setting so this items show the correct amount.

Thank and regards