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Aug 22, 2016 at 07:26 AM

Not Exists in webi with Bex datasource


Hello All,

Is there any alternative or workaround for implementing Not exists in webi level.

I have a report built on top of bex query.

Query 1-- gives me no of customer accounts

Query 2-- Visited Customers

Query 3-- query 1- Query2 ( Unvisted customers)

I need to find out the unvisited customers.

Since its bex query -

1) Results from another option is not possible

2) Due to data model constraints Bw team cant give the required query.

3) Merge dimension gives the common values between the queries. it does not exclude query 2 results from query 1.

Is there any work around to get this requirement fulfilled.

Requirement is to exclude the results from query 2 from Query 1.

Any Ideas?

Thank you