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Aug 21, 2016 at 07:31 AM

Hiding Park Button on FV60 Screen (Initial Screen and Document Overview Screen)


Hi SAP Experts

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I have a requirement where i need to Hide "Park" Button on FV60 Screen. I have been able to hide the Park Button on first screen of FV60 using Transaction variant, however after we simulate, park button reappears on document overview screen. Have read similar threads and haven't found any explanation to why transaction variant does not deactivate menu functions on simulation screen.

Now one solution to this problem that i have found is to check option Document Overview as ALV Grid Control in T-Code FB00(Document Editing Options) and transaction variant works fine for both pre-simulation and post-simulation screens. But since FB00 is user wise setting , it is practically not feasible to maintain such settings for all users in Production Server

I am looking for a comprehensive solution. Please suggest.