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Aug 20, 2016 at 12:01 AM

Running XSODATA created in HANA Studio results in Error 404 - Not Found


In following a tutorial found online SAP HANA OData Service against a simple table I created under my own schema and trying to activate said OData service through information found on another tutorial How to Create SAP HANA OData Service my simple OData service run as "XS Service" returns an Error 404 - Not Found.

We have validated that the XS via (well maybe only partially, as the port ":8000" works but trying to run port 80 or the "status" from 8000 as implied in the validation article does not work on our end.

Even though I can check the port http://localserver:8000 which provides me a Fiori Launchpad (however without groups) why won't the XSOdata work? http://localserver:8000/TestHANAXS/Product.xsodata

Is there some permission missing?

Do I have request for something to be opened in our Firewall even though the port test works?

I have activated everything and note I am trying to run from the Project Explorer (Note I saw that someone mentioned to try typing the URL into the browser and that still doesn't work.)

As you see the object is there ...

but one thing I noticed is that from the "Systems" tab I don't see it (it says there are Hidden object.)

When I had created a Procedure from the Project Explorer, it did show up on the Systems tab, but XSOData never does.

Any help would be appreciated.