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Aug 19, 2016 at 02:48 PM

BPC 10.0 SP20 : clearing an account after a carryforward


Hi BPC experts,

I have a question about clearing an account after having done a carryforward.

Let's take an example :

Let's say we are in 2015.12 and we have account CABE481 with an amount of 100,00 LC. We want to convert it in euros where the exchange rate is 0,8. So the amount in euros will be 80 euros.

So far everything is fine.

Afterwards we need a carryforward into 2016.01. In this case, the amount of 100,00 LC will just be copied from 2015.12 into 2016.01. Moreover, we also copy the amount in euros (80,00 EUR) from 2015.12 into 2016.01. This is to keep the value to its original (historical) rate.

Now, there is an operation in ECC where the account CABE481 must equal 0,00 LC. In this case, there will be a posting amounted to -100,00 LC in this account in 2016.01. However, the rate in 2016.01 is 0,9. This means that the posting which was used to nullify this account is also converted to this new rate. In other words, the operation would be 80,00 EUR - 90,00 EUR = -10,00 EUR.

Although everything is logically right, the account CABE481 must not equal -10,00 EUR but should be 0,00 EUR.

ACCOUNT 2015.12 2016.01

CABE481 100 LC (INPUT) ---BCF--> 100,00 LC (BCF)

-100,00 LC (INPUT)


80 EUR (INPUT) ---BCF---> 80,00 EUR (BCF)

-90,00 EUR (INPUT)

TOTAL -10,00 EUR

How do you clear this account then in BPC ? A manual journal is not the right solution. It would involve too much time for the users if this happens to a lot of accounts.

Please any insight is welcome.

Thank you in advance,