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Aug 19, 2016 at 01:53 PM

dbsrv16.exe missing from BIN64 folder



this morning I had a working Crystal Server 2016 application server with SQL Anywhere 16 on the local machine as the CMS database server. This afternoon I installed the Crystal Server 2016 client tools package on the same server - a task maybe not recommended but one I have done before many times.

After the install of the client tools, the SIA would not start because of an issue with the CMS not finding database drivers. Looking in the ODBC manager I saw that there were no SQL Anywhere drivers available so I downloaded and installed them again via the relevant SAP site (meaning I had to install the full SQL Anywhere client - Sybase Central application etc).

This changed the error message the CMS generated slightly to one of 'no server available'.

It appears that either the install of the client tools or the SQL Anywhere client has deleted some files from the C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP BusinessObjects\sqlanywhere\BIN64 folder - neither the dbsvc.exe nor the dbsrv16.exe files are present, nor are others I imagine would be there. I cannot start the SQL Anywhere Windows service and consequently the CMS database is offline.

I cannot use the Sybase Central or command line options to create a new service to run the database either because of the missing files.

I'm currently running a repair install of the Crystal Server implementation in the hope that it replaces the SQL Anywhere files - but does anyone have any other advice?