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Aug 18, 2016 at 07:40 PM

DTP load issue in Process Chain


Hello Experts,

I'm having an issue in some DTPs in my process chain.

I've a huge process chain, that is segregated in several small steps.

The big ones are executed first and the small ones later. I almost have no dependences.

When I made and checked the process chain for the first time, my system warned me that I'll try to execute a lot of processes in parallel, but I don't have backgrounds enough for it, then I organized my process chain and removed the parallel processes. Now it takes more time to execute, but is done one by one.

Every single day at 7am my process chain starts through a Job plan. It takes about a 2 hours and finished. No errors, no issues, everything is green, but when I'll check the result, some DTPs loads 0 records.

I've 4 small process and each one have two DTPs. I don't have a historical issue, I mean, yesterday one of DTPs loads 0 registers, today two DTPs loads 0 registers, tomorrow one DTP again and another day three DTPs and etc... The "error" happens with different DTPs each day.

How I solved this? I execute the step with the "error" manually and the DTPs works normally.

Is not a authorization problem, DTP problem, settings problems or something related, because as I said, today the DTP X have this behavior, tomorrow it works and another DTP have this behavior. Each day I've this issue with some DTP. I don't have a day that all DTPs works. I've this issue everyday.

I've never saw this kind of error before. My basis team neither.

Someone could help me?


Flávio Thomazetti