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Aug 18, 2016 at 02:53 PM

COPA Sales Overhead is not reconciling with Planned overheads


HI SAP CO experts,

We are facing issue during the reconciling the Planned overhead with Sales data in KE30 Report. The details are

  • Total Planned cost
  • Planned cost is splitted to Machine and labour hour. according the capacity and the price is calculated perfect.
    after executing KSU8,KSS4 AND KSPI.
  • We have mixed costing 50:50, apportionment structure, co-product and by product scenarios.
  • Costing run done and it was calculated perfectly
  • Sales planned done for the entire to be produced quantity KEPM.
  • In KE30 report the total planned overhead (69,000,000) is showing more than planned values.

Please let me know the reason why it is showing more than planned value.