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Aug 18, 2016 at 12:34 PM

Dynamic page layout for Tickets


Hello all,

From reading this blog : Authorizations in SAP Cloud for Customer: business roles, page layouts, and code list restrictions

I'm wondering whether it's possible to assign page layouts based on a ticket type.

For instance when ticket type is "claim" some fields are hidden or ticket type is site control other fields are hidden (based on the master lay out).

I created a page layout and I hide a field from the master layout. I want to test this by the type of the ticket. When the type of the ticket is "claim" this fields needs to be hidden.

I choosed as instance type: "tickettype" (UI is in Dutch)

And I see following values for the ticket type

Afspraak = Appointment, Telefoongesprek = phone call, Brief = Letter .... Toewijzing = Assignment, Verkoopofferte = Sales Order, Credit nota = Credit note, ...

I don't know where this values are coming from? I'm not even able to add the field ticket type to see this values.

How can I manage this? Am I looking to the wrong field ?

Thxn in advance!


pastedImage_0.png (14.7 kB)