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Aug 18, 2016 at 11:13 AM

How to trigger action on delegated object



I am new to BOPF, I have read through a lot of the information on SDN and have a query. I have a scenario where I need to trigger an action on a delegated object, the BO is /CPD/PWS_BO_MP and the delegated object is /BOBF/ATTACHMENT_FOLDER. What I need to do is when the BO /CPD/PWS_BO_MP is created, then create delegated object /BOBF/ATTACHMENT_FOLDER and trigger CREATE_FOLDER to create some attachment folders automatically.

I have read though Navigating the BOPF: Part 3 - Working with the BOPF API to understand how to trigger an action, however this doesn't work on the delegated object directly. Having read Accessing a delegated object in BOPF is seems I have to do this via the main BO, however this blog post only really covers reading the delegated object, I haven't found a way to trigger an action on a delegated object yet.

Any tips or clues would be much appreciated.