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Feb 09, 2017 at 10:45 AM

Change Splash Screen Image of AFP in UI-Theme-Designer (NOT Theme-Editor)


Hi folks,

System Information:

SAP EP NW AS JAVA 7.31 SPS19 Patchlevel 2


After quite a long time we have to redesign and brand some new themes for our portal and since we now (with our current SPS/Patch-Level) have the possibility to use the UI-Theme-Designer instead of the old and excruciatingly tedious Theme-Editor, we activated it. As Source Standard Theme for the Redesign we use Corbu (non-negotiable).


For the love of Dietmar Hopp, I can't find a property (I'm in "Expert Mode") to change the image for the splash screen (NOT the image for the logo or the background). I've painfully traced through every property there is, without luck. In "ye good ol'" Theme-Editor there was a section for the Layout of the Outer AFP where you could upload a picture and be done with it. Now, apparently, I'm too daft to find the right property. I'm pretty confident it's there and it's possible easily, because there's no way SAP would force me to fall back to the old Theme-Editor, restart the portal, upload the pic there, switch back to the UI-Theme-Designer, restart the portal etc, right?...

Cheers, Lukas

P.S. I can't use the CSS-View in the UI-Theme-Designer either, because the corbu theme is allegedly "not supported"..