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Inspection Severity 002 / AQL 0,150 not in sampling scheme 220

Dear all experts,

I am trying to use DMR and sampling scheme and sampling procedure to determine the sampling size that to be inspected with below scenario.

1) 1st incoming

- 0010 visual (non-skip, S3 - AQL 0.15)

2) 2nd incoming, if pass the first incoming

- 0010 visual (non-skip, S3 - AQL 0.65)

In my sampling scheme, i have set as followed:-

Severity Shortext AQL Value 2 Reduced inspection 0.65 4 Normal Inspection 0.15

in DMR, ive set as followed

Stage Severity Skip initial Stage Shortext 1 4 X Normal Inspection 2 2 Reduced Inspection

when i try to link the relationship in QDB1, it shown below error:-

"Inspection Severity 002 / AQL 0,150 not in sampling scheme 220"

i have no problem to link if i set the AQL value name as 0.15 for both severity 4 and 2 in sampling scheme.

pls advise, what setting is missing / or why i cannot set different AQL in sampling scheme?

thanks in advance.

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    Aug 18, 2016 at 06:07 AM

    The AQL value remains the same during your sampling and checking process. You can only change the severity.

    This can also be noticed by the fact that you need to assign a sampling procedure to the dynamic modification rule (and not the sampling scheme). And within the sampling procedure you need to specify which AQL value of your sampling scheme you want to use.

    Based on your error message I assume that you have set AQL 0,15 in your sampling procedure. When you are now trying to relate the sampling procedure and the DMR, SAP checks if for all your stages the correspondent AQL-severity combination is available in your sampling scheme. Since it seems to be not (as it checks for Sev. 2 and AQL 0,15) you get the error message.

    It seems that you have created your own sampling scheme 220 (not so good as in the SAP name space) and deleted some of the combinations (e.g. Sev 2, AQL 0,15). All tables from ISO 2859-1 are delivered in Standard SAP. In your case this would be sampling scheme 216 (ISO 2859-1 / Level S-3). If you use ISO AQLs there is no need in creating your own sampling schemes.



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