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Aug 17, 2016 at 07:30 PM

wrong BRM response to SAP PO


Hi All,

I have created a BRM using the doc. (Access SAP NetWeaver Business Rules Management from SAP NetWeaver Process Integration)

Link :…

The BRM is created, deployed and tested(in WS Navigator) successfully.

Also I have created the message mapping as per the doc.

whiile testing the message mapping, I am not getting the (BRM lookup value)discount value.

Then I edited the UDF to get the entire response payload and found that I am getting partial/incorrect response.

Below is the response I am getting.

< xmlns:ns1='' xmlns:SOAP-ENV='' xmlns:xs='' xmlns:xsi=''/>

I am getting proper response when I test in WS Navigator or SOAP UI but don't know why it is not working through SOAP look up.

Kindly request you to help me in this.