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Adding data to a UDO via B1if

Feb 09, 2017 at 10:49 AM


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Former Member

Hi All

We are trying to POST a payload via the B1if. we using the General Service


<Envelope xmlns="">


<Action autoCommit="false" DIServiceName="GeneralService" add="Add" get="getByParams" throwException="false">add

</Action> </Header> <Body> <BS ServiceCode="VTS">

<InsertOrUpdate> <xsl:element name="U_VTS">

<xsl:element name="U_TSWEEK">5</xsl:element>

<xsl:element name="U_TSYEAR">2017</xsl:element>

<xsl:element name="U_TSEMPLOYEE">Ashraf Gierdien</xsl:element>

<xsl:element name="U_TSEMPLOYEEID">134</xsl:element>

<xsl:element name="U_TSWORKTYPE">ZZ_V_S01</xsl:element>

<xsl:element name="DocEntry">2</xsl:element> </xsl:element>

</InsertOrUpdate> </BS> </Body> </Envelope>

We are getting the following error:

com.sap.smb.sbo.wrapper.com.ComFailException: Invoke of: GetDataInterfaceFromXMLString Source: SapBobsCom.GeneralService.90.0 Description: Unknown error -1005 !

Can anyone provide any assistance.


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