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Steps to implement an Exit


I am relatively new into SAP and utmost of my experience is utilized in using standard SAP. Now couple of requirements are forcing me to go for customization and I need your valuable assistance for that. I have got following two requirements,

1. Control creation of inspection lots based on production work centre & during good receipt against purchase order- Exit suggested is QAAT0001

2. UD check. If any of the inspection characteristic is rejected, then UD with 'Accept' valuation must be prevented- Exit suggested is QEVA0010.

I know I got to work with ABAP team to implement the solution but frankly speaking, I really don't know what to say to technical team except the exit names and my requirement.

Please share the steps/ method/ or any information which is required for applying an exit. I have never used an exit before.

I will be grateful to you experts. This is really important for me.



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3 Answers

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    Aug 17, 2016 at 12:11 PM

    You don't need to know technically how to implement the exit. That's the developer's job. Your company or firm should have a template already for writing a functional specification. In that, you can describe exactly what you need to do.

    Arijit is right in that it takes some practice and experience to get these right. Your first ones will probably not be good. A lot is knowing the level of knowledge your developer has and what they expect. If you can, get one that has already been completed to see what your developers are used to getting. In some places, with some developers, you have to be very specific and wrtie in every last thing that they have to do. For instance, "Verify validity of date and return error message that entered date is not a valid date". In otther places with other developers, they already have programming standards in place and the developer doesn't need to be told to validate all inputted data.

    You should be thinking and have a design in mind for how you want it too work. In your case where and how do you identify what work centers get inspection lots. Is it hard coded in program? Is there a list in a Z table? Is there a field to check in the work center? When new work centers are added how are you going to update what ever needs to get updated? What if an exisiting work center now needs inspection lots but didn't before? Will this be possibly leveraged by other plants or future aquistions? etc. etc..Always, always develop with an eye to the future. make sure it follows standard SAP desing so that future upgrades and patches won't break it. Avoid hard-coding. Avoid Z-tables if you can.

    I would meet first with someone that has written them in your group first. Then meet with the developer you are writing it for and get a sense of their abilities. Working with a new developer can be very difficult. Or even working with one not familar with your module.

    Good luck!


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    • I understand you have taken a common material for different work centers which need an inspection at some places and not the others.

      I trust your defined logic should work and your ABAPer can easily do that. Careful, you don't want to miss what Mr Craig has suggested, it all depends on the quality of developers you get.

      Some times, you got to teach them every step and other times if fortunate enough, you only have to tell them your expectations and they'll do all the work by themselves.

      Now is the time for you to talk to your tech team or you must know them better. If they fall in the smart category, you only have to explain them your latest response. And if unfortunately they are not the smartest people, you might need to explain a bit more but that'll definitely enhance your skills.


  • Aug 17, 2016 at 09:26 AM

    Hi Raj,

    You need to develop an approach to come out with a functional solution, which should fix any gaps in your process. This is the very difficult part to answer as this part can't be taught and this comes with experience.



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  • Aug 18, 2016 at 10:44 AM

    Go to cmod - > create a project.

    Assign Enhancement exit names in the project.

    Put a break point in the exits and run the transaction .

    Check whether the breakpoint is triggering.

    If it triggers this is the right place for you to code it.



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