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Aug 17, 2016 at 01:31 AM

Reduce Kapsel Hybrid App compilation time


When compile a Kapsel hybrid app with Web IDE and HAT, it takes about 20 minutes, I observe that the following three sequential tasks consume most of the time,

1) download plugins

2) packaging SAPUI5 libraries

3) final compilation to Android app (in my case, I am developing hybrid app for android platform).

I am trying to find a solution to reduce the overall compilation time.

The first time when you compile a hybrid app, it will auto generate a Cordova project at your local directory and save all the plugin, UI5 packages etc there. From the second time onwards, it basically repeats the same process again.

My question is:

After the HAT creates a local Cordova project after the first time compilation, for subsequent compilations, can we configure something so that it will not repeat 1) download plugins 2) packaging SAPUI5 libraries? this shall greatly reduce the subsequent compilation time.

Kindly share your thoughts on this. Maybe SAP experts can shed some light on this?

(I understand that SAP is working on Cloud Build Service (part of the future Fiori Mobile), but I am not sure whether this issue will be addressed in their new products).