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Aug 16, 2016 at 03:17 PM

Rebate Settlement Issue!


Dear experts,

I have created a rebate agreement 0001 (Group Rebates). Everything in this agreement is standard SAP. The rebate process works fine till I do the settlement. So for example I have created two agreements containing similar condition records for the same recipient.

Agreement 1 = material 123456 with material group 001 with Validity date 06/01/2016-07/31/2016 with 1% rebate.

Agreement 2 = material 123456 with material group 001, and 002 with Validity date 07/01/2016-08/31/2016 with 1% rebate.

The 1st agreement is already settled and paid the customer (Great!!!). Now when I'm trying to settle the second agreement the accrual amount which is already settled in the 1st agreement is coming again in the second agreement, and making a settlement higher than it should be.

So in the attach example you will see a lot of line items in the rebate agreement, but those line items are already paid to the customer. I want this agreement to calculate only the total amount of this agreement which is 51.23- not the previous one which are already settled and paid to the customer. in this case the settlement document should only have 51.23-, but system calculates 7578.27 total value for material group 1 and 3792.27 for material group 2 and bring up the total for the settlement.

The condition type I'm using is BO01 without any changes to it.

Any advice how can I tackle this?


Rebate.PNG (14.3 kB)