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Aug 16, 2016 at 03:47 PM

wildcard certificates into BOBJ Web application


Hello All,

I configured tomcat https on BOBJ 4.2 , it works as expected except the certificate trusted warning when opening in the browser. I have valid wild card certificate for the domain. I imported it using the keytool . However, when i open the link, the browser still warns and when i check the certificate it is still using the privatekey certificate but not the trusted wildcard

Steps followed

1) Generated Keystore as per note 1648573 - when asked first name and last name , i used ABC (name changed)

2) changed server.xml file

https started working with warning

wildcard import process

1) got the wildcard.crt certificate ( wildcard entry name, issued by CA) ( names changed)

2) imported certificate using keytool (keytool -import -file wildcard.crt -alias wildcard -keystore -keystore) . The certifcate imported , but https still uses the same old privatekey entry certificate (i.e ABC, not

3) Keytool list shows two enteries 1) privatekey 2) trustedentry

When i tried to import the wildcard card certificate to ssme alias generated in step 1 , it complains public keys in reply dont match keystore

Can someone please share the process followed in importing wildcards