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Aug 16, 2016 at 02:38 PM

Splitting WO for PI-RF count


As a PI-area can only be assigned to one AA, I followed SAP and created 0001 as the activty area where all stockholding storage types (involved in the PI-count) are to be linked to.

So I created a sorting sequence via /scwm/V_TAAREAS (for activity INVE and activtyarea 0001 ) and /V_TAAREAD (for activityarea 0001) so that all countable bins do appear in the proper sequence in /scwm/SBST, for activity INVE/activity area 0001.

You might consider this overdone at first hand, but we intend to provide a WO-print (with limited info) to the RF operator so he can scan his own WO during the anual PI count. Therefore we do require multiple WO's, so that each RF-user can select his own task by simply scanning the submitted document. Differentiation in Queue assignment is therefore not meaning full. Having thus no further option to splitt the WO; I introduced a consolidation group representing a group of bins which one RF-operator can sequentially count. (done via /scwm/V_TAAREAD)

Accordingly I created a limit-rule where I specified that only 1 Consolidation group was allowed by WO. This limit rule was applied in a WOCR which is nicely applied during WO creation during creation/saving of the PI document.

However it still gives me only one WO instead of multiple WO's as per the different consolidation groups all belonging to activity area 0001.

Although SAP SPRO helps indicates that this should be possible; I fear this only works during picking (where the source and destination bin are different). Am I here on the correct path? Does anybody recognize this issue and may be somebody found a solution around this? Any suggestion is appreciated.

Best regards