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Aug 16, 2016 at 10:49 AM

Top 3 Played and max match in cross tab with dates


Hi all,

Kindly help us in getting the solution for the requirement at the earliest.

Please consider the below available details from database and we need to provide the solution for Top 3 played games and maximum matches in cross tab (WEBI Report).

1. We need to display the row for max match value having 1 with days along points in cross tab...

2. Hide the rows that has null values in cross tab for points for the respective games.

3. Need to sum up the values for played column for respective name with Games.

4. Need to find the top 3 played person name from among 5.

Please help us in fixing the solution / requirement ASAP in WEBI report.




Names.JPG (55.5 kB)
total played.JPG (31.1 kB)
top 3.JPG (24.8 kB)