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Delete pick-hu assignment from WHO

Hello folks!

I have a question for you. 😊

I assigned a pick-hu to a warehouse order, but now i want to delete it and assign to another WHO.

When i try to delete this assignment at tcode: /SCWM/TO_CONF, i get error type message like  "/SCWM/WHO508: Assignment of HU &1 not removed, since WTs are packed in it".

- I did not start packing or picking, pick-hu is empty.

- I can't delete this pick-hu from /SCWM/PACK either, getting error message "/SCWM/UI_PACKING171: Deletion of HU which is a assigned to a WHO not allowed".

This can happen accidentally, so there should be a way to delete the assignment of pick-hu in standard, in my opinion.

The only solution i found is to manually delete this assignment from /SCWM/WHOHU table.

How do you solve this? I may create an OSS ticket depending on your opinion.

Best regards,


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1 Answer

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    Aug 15, 2016 at 08:41 AM

    Hi Serhan,

    I would also take the way over /SCWM/TO_CONF. If any error messages are prompted despite the HU is empty, please check if any open or waiting ⚠️ Warehouse Tasks have this HU-ID as source or destination HU-ID.

    We had only once such an issue that the HU was perfectly clean and the message was prompted. But this was due to uncorrect development which we had to fix. In this case we also had to delete the entry from /SCWM/WHOHU.

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    • Serhan Er Martin Schulze-Werner

      Hello Martin,

      I tracked this issue and came to the point that it works different if you create pick-HU on RFUI than use the pick-HU already created.

      If you create pick-HU on RFUI, HU is created on resource directly.

      If you use pick-HU already in warehouse, a HU WT is created from storage bin to the resource with reference to this WHO(also you can track this movement in WHO). This WT contains WHO reference and after confirmation, all WT's already exist in this WHO gets updated with this pick-HU ID. I have no idea why 😕

      Anyways, thank you for your help 😉, i created an OSS ticket. Hope they can find a solution.

      Best regards