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Aug 15, 2016 at 07:50 AM

Delete pick-hu assignment from WHO


Hello folks!

I have a question for you. 😊

I assigned a pick-hu to a warehouse order, but now i want to delete it and assign to another WHO.

When i try to delete this assignment at tcode: /SCWM/TO_CONF, i get error type message like "/SCWM/WHO508: Assignment of HU &1 not removed, since WTs are packed in it".

- I did not start packing or picking, pick-hu is empty.

- I can't delete this pick-hu from /SCWM/PACK either, getting error message "/SCWM/UI_PACKING171: Deletion of HU which is a assigned to a WHO not allowed".

This can happen accidentally, so there should be a way to delete the assignment of pick-hu in standard, in my opinion.

The only solution i found is to manually delete this assignment from /SCWM/WHOHU table.

How do you solve this? I may create an OSS ticket depending on your opinion.

Best regards,