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Aug 12, 2016 at 11:40 PM

Issue on SAP FI - FBZP - Value date


Hi FI APP experts,

My client requirement is to set the value date on FBZP for making vendor dues which will fall in holidays ( like Saturday, Sunday and Public holiday).

i.e. Whey they schedule F110 on Friday, system has to make the payment due on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

( Under Bank Determination, we put 1 day as Value date )

( step 1)After completing the Factory Caledar setup through SCAl, i did the confiq in FBZP - EDIT - Valu date.

My Calendar is ZZ

I assigned this factory calendar under C1 and C2

R - Reference date : 2

S-Sign +

Deviation :2

S Sign : +

(Step 2) Subsequently i assigned Payment Method with bank trnsactions.

(Step 3) My next payment date is next to next day from the date of F110 execution. Eg. If i run F110 on 12th August - Friday, My document date is 13th August, Doc posted upto is 12th August and NEXT RUN DATE IS 15th August 2016. All are set in F110S.

When i execute F110 through automate process, System pay against the due on run date only. Here it pay the dues of 12th August only. It is supposed to make the payment due items of Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Can you please advise to make it success..