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Aug 12, 2016 at 06:22 PM

Question regarding IS 4.2 SP7


Hi All,

To start with I will provide the scenario of our installation.

On Win 2012 server X, we have IPS 4.1 SP7 and DS 4.2 SP7 installed. The DB server Y is on MS SQL 2012.

Now the requirement is to install Information Steward 4.2 SP7 on Win 2012 server Z and the DB would remain server Y.

The prerequisite for IS - IPS and DS (Job server). Should I go for a full installation of IPS ? I want to use the IPS which is installed on server X and link the job server of DS in server X. Please let me know how to go about the install?

I do not want to install full IPS on server Z and if i create the CMS and Audit database in server Y, would it be an issue?

Please guide me with the install of IPS.

Thanks in Advance.